Do you need a Joint Sponsor that:

Is focused only on you?

Has the knowledge and experience to help you succeed?

Has the best education, process and toolkit in the CME world?

  • PeerPoint will not compete with our partners by offering additional education programs.
  • PeerPoint associates have over 30 years’ experience in Medical Education and accreditation; we understand what our partners do and how we can support them.
  • PeerPoint is committed to providing the best information, education and tools about Certification to support our partners.
  • PeerPoint offers the CME Vault – an automated system for doctor’s to claim CME credits. No more creating and sending certificates!
  • PeerPoint offers the CME BackOffice – an online system that digitizes documents enables signatures on a PC, Tablet or Smart Phone

Award CME

  • Work more efficiently with the CME Vault.
  • Doctors can claim their CME whenever they want.
  • Administer online evaluations such as a Post Test or Survey.
  • Doctors can print/save their own certificate.
  • Check out the CME Vault

Manage CME

  • Automated Document Collection with CME BackOffice
  • Doctor sign contracts, disclosures and COI forms on their computers or mobile devices
  • Send them to you electronically

CME 101

Creating a Gap Analysis