Kevin R. Callahan, CEO/COO

Kevin Callahan, Chief Executive and Operating Officer of Peer Point Medical Education Institute, has over a decade and a half of experience as an operating executive and executive consultant in operations. He has worked with large companies such as Aon/Hewitt, TAP Pharmaceuticals, CNA, Grainger, Worldcom and Systemhouse (now EDI), as well as a host of small to mid-size companies. His experience encompasses many industries, including software, services, retail and wholesale distribution, insurance, pharmaceuticals, Internet marketing, media and education.

As Chief Executive of Peer Point, Mr. Callahan is opening new markets and introducing new services to the medical education industry in an effort to help medical professionals better serve their patients. Using his hands-on experience in helping companies grow and succeed, Mr. Callahan is focused on growing Peer Point to new levels of success.

Mr. Callahan is a published author with volumes on Project Management, Finance and Business Operations currently available. Mr. Callahan also writes the popular COO’s Bulldog Blog in which he shares his expertise with small business owners and entrepreneurs. In 2012, the Mr. Callahan was listed in the top 1% of sites viewed on LinkedIn, and the COO’s Bulldog Blog was accessed by readers in more than 100 countries.

Rick Kennison, DPM, MBA, CCMEP, Executive Consultant

Mr. Kennison served as President and General Manager of The PeerPoint Medical Education Institute from 2006-2012.

Currently, as Executive Consultant, Mr. Kennison works with PeerPoint and other medical education companies, in many areas of need, including assistance with the ACCME, high quality educational deliverables and gap analysis.

While at PeerPoint, Rick was one of the architects in PeerPoint’s Performance Improvement initiatives. This gave PeerPoint the ability to achieve Accreditation with Commendation awarded by the ACCME. He translates this skill to help other providers in the creation of valuable education.

Rick lives in Lake Forest, IL with his son and is an avid sports fan.