Content Validation Criteria

PeerPoint Accreditation Manual

The Content Review process must be completed for Clinical Education Abstracts, Research Abstracts and all other educational content.

Clinical Education Abstract

  • All recommendations involving clinical medicine in a CME activity must be based on evidence that is accepted within the profession of medicine as adequate justification for their indications and contraindication in the care of patients.
  • Brief description of each Topic that outlines the content to be conveyed. These describe the narrative content of an educational activity which provides the foundation for the development of a detailed presentation.
  •  Each topic should address one or more specific practice gap(s), the desired outcome of the topic in terms of improved physician knowledge, competence, performance or patient outcome. The topic description should also address the educational need and learning objective that address the practice gap.

Research Abstract

  • All scientific research referred to and reported or used in CME in support or justification of a patient care recommendation must conform to the generally accepted standards of experimental design, data collection, and analysis.
  • All Research Abstracts must contain a minimum of 2 citations from recognized, peer-reviewed journals. If the citation is an article written by the presenter of the topic, at least one other author is required for the peer-reviewed article.
  • Peer-reviewed articles that are found in NIH PubMed are acceptable. Those articles not found in PubMed should be reviewed at one of two websites.

All content that is created based on the reviewed Clinical Education Abstracts and Research Abstracts must also be reviewed based on the criteria above, including PowerPoint Slides, Handouts and Case Studies.