Team and Agenda Manager Process

PeerPoint Accreditation Manual

  • Each person participating in the activity that may plan, produce or edit content must make a financial disclosure.
  • In addition, PeerPoint must receive topic names and durations for each Clinical Education topic or Research Abstract.
  • Click on the Add participant button and fill in all information concerning a team member.
  • Click on the Save button to save the record. An email will be sent to the person with a link to their disclosure form.
  • If a presenter is presenting more than one topic, complete an entry for each topic. Ensure that apart from the topic name and duration, all other information is the same for each entry.
  • If you have more than one presenter on the same topic, a panel for instance, fill in each participant. Be sure that the topic title and duration is the same for each.

Explanation of Team Member Roles

  • Presenter: any person that will actually present at the activity or has authored any material that will be presented by somebody else.
  • Non-Presenter: Any person that is not presenting but is involved in the activity, including members of the planning committee and medical reviewers.
  • Management: Any person that works directly for the company or the organization which is creating or sponsoring the activity, and that may have influence over the content of the activity.
  • Presenter Name Not Available: An agenda topic that is ready to be loaded into the Team and Agenda Manager, but you do not know who is presenting.

Please note: any team member that is also a presenter/author with a positive disclosure must have their presentation materials reviewed in addition to the team member review.