Documents Due 30 days prior to the Start/Live Date

PeerPoint Accreditation Manual

  • Presentations/PPTs for Topics discussing non-FDA approved, experimental, or controversial treatments: must be submitted for PeerPoint Review. Upon receipt of the Topic Descriptions (see above) PeerPoint will notify you if any Presentations/PPTs are required for PeerPoint Review.
  • Educational activity program or link to an electronic application (app): A single copy of the educational activity program in PDF format or a link to the electronic application (app). The activity program or application must contain the Accreditation and Designation Statements along with the Disclosure Report provided by PeerPoint. Note: please see publication requirements. 
  • PowerPoint Slides: A copy of all PowerPoint slides presentations. If the PowerPoint slides are contained in the educational program, they do not have to be uploaded separately. 
  • Handouts: Copies of all handouts not included in the educational activity program are uploaded in a single file. 
  • Reading/Case Studies: A copy of all Reading/Case Studies is uploaded in a single file. If the Reading/Case Studies are contained in the program book, they do not have to be uploaded separately.